Instructions for Pickup

Instructions for picking up your cake

Please be on time. We have a very busy schedule and have many other pick ups and deliveries. If you are more than 15 minutes late you will have to contact us for a new pick up time. Please note that a rescheduled pick up is based on our availability and my be after your event.

Be prepared to travel with your cake. The safest location when traveling with your cake is a flat space in your trunk. It will not slip or slide if you drive carefully with it. If your trunk is not available, we suggest floor space below the seats. The worst place to travel with your cake is on your lap. It is also not advised to travel with the cake on the back seat. Both lap and seat are unstable and insecure. We highly recommend that you run you’re a/c on high during transportation if temperatures are above 55 degrees. Remember, the inside of your vehicle is warmer than the outside air. If you choose to pick up your cake, Sugar Rush is not responsible for any damage done to the cake once it leaves our facility. If you pick up your cake and notice that something is wrong with the order we must be notified immediately. Once you leave with your cake you are confirming that the order is correct and to your liking.

Sugar Rush does offer cake insurance. This includes the delivery and set up of your cake. If something happens to your order during transport, Sugar Rush will refund the cost of any goods that were destroyed. We highly recommend you purchase cake insurance for any cake over two tiers. Insurance starts at $50 within a 10 mile radius and goes up depending on your location.

If you are not bringing your cake right to your event to be displayed, please make sure you are able to refrigerate it until your event. A fondant covered cake is more stable than a buttercream covered cake, but both benefit from being refrigerated. Please let us know if you need the dimensions of your cake.