Hours and Availability

Hours and Availability

We are a custom order bakery. We do not have a storefront, but work out of an off-site certified kitchen. We do have a studio in downtown Medford, and we are there by appointment only

Our working hours are 9am – 2pm Monday through Friday. Any calls or emails left outside these hours will be returned the following business day. We are not available to take calls or emails on Saturday or Sunday due to deliveries and our need to set aside time with our families.


We arrange a day and time for all orders other than wedding cakes. We DO NOT offer SUNDAY pickups. We can arrange to have your cake ready for pick up as early as Thursday afternoon, and we encourage Friday pickups. We can also arrange to have you pick up on Saturdays no later than 11am. 

All cakes will require refrigeration until the start of your event. Standard cupcakes and cake pops do not require refrigeration, but cupcakes with perishable fillings do need to be kept cool. 

The safest way to transport your cake is in the trunk of your vehicle. If that’s not an option, the second best place is on the floorboard. A cake needs to travel on a flat surface. Your lap or seat of the car has too much movement and can actually result in damaging your cake during transport. Please come prepared when picking up your cake. Also note that your cake will melt in very hot temperatures. Air-conditioning or picking up in the morning will help with extreme heat. 

*If you miss your pickup time you are subject to our availability. We are out on deliveries most Saturdays and will not accommodate for late orders due to us not being at a stationary location. Please be on time.