Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Choosing Your Wedding Cake

There are so many options for choosing your wedding cake and the styles can seem limitless and sometimes overwhelming! We’re happy to help you with designing the perfect dessert for your wedding and we’ve provided some helpful hints that we hope can guide you to the perfect choice.


A round wedding cake symbolizes unity just like the wedding ring. Did you know that each tier represents something different? The top tier represents you as a couple. The bottom tier represents your guests, and any tiers in the middle represent your children! Not an exact science, but just some fun trivia to remember! Round cakes are also more traditional.


Square wedding cakes add a modern look to your wedding and can be an elegant choice if you are wanting a different style of cake.


Topsy turvy or whimsical cakes add a touch of fun and party like atmosphere to your wedding! Perfect for the couple who want to represent a fun and carefree atmosphere on their wedding day!


Cupcakes are a fun addition to any wedding! Cupcakes in lieu of cake can make the whole idea of ‘serving dessert’ much easier since they are self serve. Add a small cake for the bride and groom to cut, and everyone gets a sweet treat without the mess!


Cake pops have been a growing trend as a wedding dessert! They are mess free, adorable and oh so tasty! They are perfect as favors, accents on candy buffet tables or as the main dessert. No one can say 'no' to our cake pops!!


Candy buffets are an excellent way to leave your guests asking for more! Candies come in all of your wedding colors and are a fun way to celebrate your magical day! Add our baked goodies and a small cake to your buffet and you’re wedding will be the talk of everyone for years to come!


Fondant or Buttercream - what’s the difference?

Traditionally, buttercream has been the choice covering for cakes, but in recent years fondant has taken over the wedding scene. We are seeing the return of the elegant look of textured buttercream that has come along with the rustic and chic style of wedding cake. Buttercream is tasty, easy to cut into, textured, can come in any color and we can also get ours almost as smooth as fondant!


Fondant cakes add a touch of class and elegance to your cake. It provides a flawless look and contrary to popular belief, our fondant tastes amazing! It’s smooth, easy to consume and has a buttercream flavor. All of our fondant covered cakes also have a layer of buttercream underneath so you get the best of both worlds - a beautiful flawless look and tasty frosting underneath! We also recommend fondant to any summer cake because it holds up much better in the heat than buttercream.